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Remove a photo:

We try to screen the shots so as to make the kids look like their favorite SuperHero but if one slips by, please let us know and we will make it go away. Remove a photo

Windows warns you about Active X or Javascript:

Some versions of Windows may warn you if an Active-X control or Javascript code tries to run. If you get such a notice, it is safe to allow it to run. There is no malicious code or pop-up ads or banners in

Allow blocked content warning:

Similar to the above, you may see a pop-up window asking if blocked content should be allowed. It is ok to allow this for content from

You don’t have Flash Player on your computer:

The new photo viewer is Flash-based and may require the Flash plug-in for your browser. A plug-in is a supplemental program that may be added to your browser to enhance its’ capabilities. Flash is a free program from Macromedia that allows viewing enhanced media content on most web browsers. Chances are it is already installed, but if not you may get it here. Flash is widely used and safe to download.

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What is Paypal:

The checkout screen in the shopping cart uses the Paypal payment gateway. Paypal is a company, recently acquired by eBay, that processes online payments. All e-commerce web sites use a payment gateway if they accept credit cards. A payment gateway is a service that handles the transaction between the web site and your credit card company. You do not need a Paypal account and you can use funds from a checking or savings account as well as your credit card.

How to maximize your viewing area:

This trick works with any web site, at least with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. If you hit the F11 key, you browser will maximize the viewing area, leaving only a simple navigation bar at the top. Hit F11 again to bring it back.

Downloading images from the web:

This is techno-boring stuff, but it explains a lot about pictures on the web. You already know this, bigger files take longer to download, and the more of them you have, the more time it takes. This is a big issue with pictures on the web.

Your computer monitor is made up of a certain amount of pixels (picture elements) or “dots”. How many you have depends upon the size and resolution of your monitor. If you want to know about yours, right-click on an empty space on your desktop, then Properties, then Settings. The screen resolution box will tell you what your settings are. If you take the first number and divide it by the width of your screen, you will get a rough idea of the “dots per inch” your screen can display. Typically it’s between 72dpi and 96dpi.

If your screen can’t show any more than 96 dots per inch it doesn't make sense to send any more than that, because it’s going to take longer to download and you won't see any difference. This is why most pictures are scaled down in resolution for the web, to increase download speed.

Prints are another issue. Usually 200-300 dpi is considered the minimum for decent print quality. If you look at home photo printers it is not unusual to see dpi ratings into the thousands. So if you start with a low-resolution image and send it to a high-resolution printer, the software has to do a lot of “guessing” to figure out what the empty spaces should be filled with. This is way prints made from downloaded web images don't look great, unless you print them very small.

At full resolution a typical game has over a quarter gigabyte of data, that's 3 - 4 Dave Matthews albums. That would give you an idea of what the download speed would be. The files you would order from the viewer are the high resolution images and are typically between 1.5 - 4 megabytes. The result is larger and higher quality prints.

How to have your event covered in

There have been a lot of requests to cover various events. We do this on a very limited basis, it’s a hobby, not a business. But we are always interested in going to a good event. One thing we need before we shoot an event is permission from a responsible party. This can be a school official or league organizer. Most parents’ groups are in regular contact with these persons. Let us know what you are interested in and who to contact. You can reach us here.