Ordering Info

Integrated Shopping Cart:

This new site has an integrated shopping cart, built into the viewer. If you see a picture you want a copy of, click on the cart while the image is being displayed. This will work in either the slide show or single-picture viewing mode. Another window will open showing the name of the picture, price, etc. Hit the “Add to Cart” button to place it in your cart.

If you want to keep looking, click “Back to Album” or hit the shopping cart again to close the window, your information will be saved. Add other pictures in the same way. When you are done, open the shopping cart and double-check the contents. If you need to remove an item, click on it and select “Remove Item”. If you completely chicken-out, select “Remove All”. Use “Checkout” to complete the checkout process.

Paper or Plastic:

We are going to forego paper (prints) in favor of plastic (CD’s). All the pictures will be available as high-resolution files on CD. We are doing this for several reasons;

1: It is easier and quicker for us to fulfill an order, which makes it cheaper for you.

2: You have the option of taking the files to a local or online printer for as many copies as you like (see Help & Support for some online suggestions). Or, print it on you photo printer at home.

3: You can keep a permanent copy on both the CD and your computer, so if your original print goes away, you can replace it.

Getting your pictures by email:

There is an option in the shopping cart to receive your files by email, rather than on a CD. There is a limit of three files for email delivery until we gain more experience with various email systems we will be sending to. Some email systems will block large files so you will get two emails, one will contain the files and one will be a confirmation that the files were sent. If you get the confirmation, but not the files, your email service made them go away. If this happens contact us.

Placing your order by email:

Not to be confused with getting your order by email, this option in the shopping cart allows you to email your order during checkout. This might be necessary when paying online is not practical and a paper check needs to be mailed. An example might be a Booster Club that doesn't have an online payment method. When you select this option, your order will be sent in and we will contact you to work out the details.

Prices and Discounts:

Each picture costs $5.00 and each order costs $4.95, for the cost of the CD packaging and postage. To encourage foolhardy spending, quantity discounts will be calculated as follows;

1 – 4 pictures $5.00 ea (0% discount) $4.95 S/H

5 – 9 pictures $4.50 ea (10% discount) $4.95 S/H

10 – 19 pictures $4.00 ea (20% discount) $4.95 S/H

20+ pictures $3.75 ea (25% discount) Free S/H

The shopping cart will apply the discounts at checkout. Save money – order with a friend.

Check out Help & Support for more information and some techno-boring stuff.